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Italian Culture and Cuisine

Summer C  2012


Program Full

Program Description:

As a supplement to its Food Service and Lodging curriculum, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management has developed a study abroad program for undergraduate students interested Italian Culture and Cuisine and International Gastronomy at UCF.

This program offers students an excellent opportunity for immersion within Italian culture, food and wine. Participants in this program register for a total of six credit hours by taking Exploring Wines of the World (HFT 4866C) and International Gastronomy (HFT 4894).

The Italian Culture and Cuisine Program will be facilitated at UCF during the summer in 2012.  As part of the program, participants will travel to Italy for four weeks of lessons.  Students will begin their studies at UCF learning about Italian culture and cuisine.  Participants will then travel to Rome and Florence in Italy where students will be hosted by the Apicius International School of Hospitality Management. Students will also participate in various site visits to other regions and cities such as: Tuscany, Siena, Pisa and Chianti.

Classes will involve lectures, discussion, team work, and field experience.  Students will be evaluated based upon class participation, journaling, destination projects and involvement during field trips.  While abroad, students are expected to remain engaged in the program’s experiences and try new things, including wines and foods. 

Students on this program should plan to arrive in Rome, Italy by noon on the starting day of the program in order to be in country to transfer to the hotel accommodations in Rome.  To arrive by noon on the starting day of the program, flights must depart the USA the day before the start of the program. 

Please note:  This program begins in Rome, Italy and ends in Venice, Italy.  Students are encouraged not to purchase their flights until after the application deadline and the applicants have been informed that the program has met its minimum numbers. 

Payment breakdown based upon the minimum number of students:

Payment 1:  $100 (non-refundable)
Payment 2:  $1000
Payment 3:  $1800
Payment 4:  $1800

Learning Outcomes:

• Explore the customs and cultural differences throughout Italy
• Examine which attractions define a major tourism destination
• Describe the cuisine and culture which makes each destination in Italy unique
• Identify the differences in business practices between Italy and the USA
• Identify the differences in government practices between Italy and the USA with its impact upon cuisine, culture and tourism
• Participate in experiential learning of a major tourism destination

Program Prerequisites:
Minimum GPA: 2.50 cumulative
Language: English
Proficiency Level Required: English
Other Prerequisites: 

Students will need to complete both FSS 2221 and HFT 3700 as prerequisites for the program and/or be approved by the instructor.

Courses[click to expand]:
HFT-4866C Exploring Wines of the World
Academic Institution: Apicius International School of Hospitality Management, Florence, Italy
Credit Hours: 3.00

HFT-4894 International Gastronomy: Italy HFT4894
Academic Institution: Apicius International School of Hospitality Management, Florence, Italy
Catalog Description:

A world view of culture and cuisine that includes an international travel component. May be used in the degree program a maximum of 2 times.

Course Prerequisites:

FSS 2221C, HFT 3700, and consent of instructor

Credit Hours: 3.00

Program Components and Costs:
Component: Program Fees

The following services are included as part of the program fee:

  • Shared hotel accommodations in Rome, Tuscany, the Bolgheri area, Versilia, and Venice Italy including breakfast
  • Welcome and Final Dinner
  • Guided tour of Colosseum and Forum
  • Rome guided bus tour
  • Airport transfers upon arrival
  • Charter transfer between Rome and Tuscany;  Tuscany and Bolgheri; Bolgheri and Versilia; Versilia and Florence;  Florence and Venice
  • Excursion to Bosco di Bomarzo and Villa Lante in Bagnania
  • Wine tasting at Michele Satta vineyard
  • Shared apartment accommodations in Florence, Italy
  • Guided tour of the San Marco district of Venice
  • Round trip ferry to Torcello and Murano
  • Excursion to blown glass factory in Murano
  • Mobile phones for use during the program with free incoming calls
  • Medical Insurance
  • Internet access in school facilities while in Florence
  • FUA library access
  • 10 voucher meal plan to be used at GANZO
  • Excursions to Pienza, Chiantishire and the Po Vallley
  • Administrative fee

The following services are not included as part of the program fee:

  • Air transportation between Orlando, Florida and Rome, Italy
  • Air transportation between Venice, Italy and Orlando, Florida
  • Currency exchange fees
  • Outgoing calls on mobile phones provided as part of the program
  • Local ground transportation in Rome, Italy
  • Additional meals not included as listed above
  • Passport or visa fees
  • Incidentals and gratuities
  • Personal travel not associated with the program
Price (in US Dollars): 4700.00
Requirement: Mandatory
1st payment due:  Pending application approval
2nd payment due: 2012-02-24
3rd payment due: 2012-03-15
4th payment due: 2012-04-16
Study abroad fees are posted to the UCF student account. Payment procedures, types and cashier locations can be found here, on the UCF Registrar's website.
Faculty Program Coordinator:
Name: Mr Michael Terry
Email: michael.terry@ucf.edu
Office: RCH 277
Program Dates:
Program Begins: 2012-05-27
Program Ends: 2012-06-25
Program Deadlines:
Last day to apply: 2012-02-15
Last day to withdraw/reconfirm: 2012-02-20
Academic Institution:
Apicius International School of Hospitality Management, Florence, Italy 
Additional information:
Program Map
Closest Domestic Consulate
Nearest US Embassy Abroad
US State Department Country Information
Currency Exchange Information
Visa Information:
Visa Required: No
Your visa requirements and cost may vary if you are not a US citizen. Please let OIS staff know if you are not using a US passport to ensure that we can address any differences in the immigration requirements.

Program Cost Disclaimer: The program cost does not cover UCF tuition, airfare (unless a program expressly and specifically includes this), independent travel, or personal expenses. Cost is approximate and may fluctuate due to changes in foreign currency or unforeseen circumstances. UCF reserves the right to alter or cancel the program at any time. In such cases, the university shall not be liable for airfare, transportation costs and/or any other costs incurred by the student. UCF, Office of International Studies will make reasonable efforts to notify students through reasonable means to inform the students to reserve their flights. Students should consult their travel agent about buying travel insurance to defray unanticipated costs in the event travel plans change. UCF will make reasonable efforts to notify students via Knights email when any significant changes are being made to the program. It is entirely within UCF's discretion as to what changes are considered significant.

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