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Get Started

Conduct a Self-Assessment

It is never too early to start planning your study abroad experience.  We strongly encourage you to begin the planning process as early as possible, with the guidance of your academic adviser and UCF Abroad office.  Early planning will help you ensure that studying abroad will not only be the experience of a lifetime, but will also be able to fulfill necessary requirements and continue making progress towards your degree while abroad.  

Attend a Study Abroad 101 Session. 

The UCF Abroad Office offers information sessions throughout the year for students to learn about the different program opportunities, financing options, and pathways toward making study abroad a reality. You should drop by for a visit to learn more about the services we offer and the opportunities that you can take advantage of. 

All Study Abroad 101 sessions are held in the UCF Global Building. Check the home page for an updated list of session dates and times. 

Meet with your academic advisor. 

The most critical component to planning any study abroad experience is insuring that your UCF course needs can be met while overseas. From selecting the right program to helping you select your coursework abroad, advisors can meet with you on a one on basis and discuss how study abroad can be incorporated into your academic degree. 

Planning your proposed study abroad coursework and how it will fit into your UCF degree path will insure you remain on track to graduation. There are many academic considerations to keep in mind so be sure you are thoroughly informed of the degree requirement implications and the UCF Residency Requirement.


Check financial aid and scholarships. 

Your financial aid avisor is available to answer a variety of questions concerning study abroad, including:

  • Types of aid that can be used

  • The availability of outside scholarships

  • Budgeting your indirect costs while out of the country

  • A few other topics related to financial aid and studying abroad

Start researching early—at least one to two years prior to when you plan to go abroad. Many nationally competitive scholarship deadlines are well before your study abroad program application deadline, often a year or more prior to the actual award year. Remember that you may be able to apply general scholarships toward international experiences, so extend your search beyond study abroad scholarships. Also check with the program sponsor about scholarships designated specifically for their program participants. Exploring the various scholarships that are offered directly through UCF and third party sources, prior to committing to a program can be very helpful in the decision process. 

For more information about study abroad scholarships, please check our scholarship page.


Research program options.

There are several factors at play in choosing the best program for you. Choosing a study abroad program is an important and exciting step in your journey. You can research any of our programs by visiting the Program Types page.

  • Academic needs

  • Location 

  • Personal Goals 

  • Budget 

  • Length of program

  • Term

  • Career path