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Select and Apply to a ProgramForm

The process of applying to study abroad is determined by the type of program for which you have chosen to apply. Be sure you submit your application and supporting documents by the deadlines. If you are participating in a non-UCF or partner program you must complete BOTH the online application for UCF Abroad AND an admission application directly with the program provider or host institution.

Meet with your study abroad advisor

Your study abroad advisor will be helping you through the logistics of going abroad. From required documents to Visas, your study abroad advisor will be there to guide you every step of the way. If you have questions or concerns, make sure to set up an appointment to see them directly or by reaching out to

Start an Application at

When you log in to your personal study abroad profile, you will be able to view the materials you will need to work on before being able to depart for your program. Each form will have instructions about how to correctly complete the form and where to submit it. When our office receives the forms that you send in, they will be recorded and "checked off" on your web page. You are also responsible for reading your learning content and e-signing signature documents. Learning content is important information on specific relevant topics pertaining to studying abroad that all students should be aware of as they prepare to travel.

Program Approval

Once you have finished the application process, your application will be reviewed by the appropriate department. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via email with the final decision. Application can be accepted, waitlisted or denied depending on several factors. 

Please note that the approval process for partner programs is slightly different as you must also meet the acceptance criteria stipulated by the university or organization offering the program. 

All students studying abroad on any program must be in good standing with the university, be free from financial holds, and pass a disciplinary clearance check with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The UCF Abroad office reserves the right to evaluate applicant suitability for program participation based on the above factors.

What is Means to Commit

Please be aware, committing to a program means that you accept the financial responsibilities of a participant on that program and understand that you will be held accountable for addressing any charges accordingly. For UCF faculty-led programs in particular, after program committal it is typically not possible to receive a refund should a student decide to withdraw from participation for any reason. 

Course Approval

Each course that you take on a UCF Abroad program may count toward your academic degree, however, you will have to consult with advisors from your academic department to determine whether or not the course(s) will satisfy specific requirements. You are responsible for ensuring that a course taken abroad can be applied towards a major, minor or general requirements.  Major and Minor courses must be approved by the department's academic advisor. 

Please note that for students seeking to participate in a UCF Abroad partner program, additional course approval and transient student documentation must be filed. The UCF Abroad office will provide the necessary support and direct toward completing this step.

Scholarships and Funding

For all program participants, financial planning must go hand in hand with academic preparation. In order to properly address this step, all students should work to complete a program planning budget worksheet so that they are aware of all of the cost considerations involved. Once fully informed, the UCF Abroad office and the UCF Office of Financial Assistance can work to help plan to address the financial obligations of your program. 

For students considering studying abroad, you may wish to set up an appointment with Ms. Karissa Lawson-Harris ( to discuss any current/existing aid and it's applicability to an overseas experience as well as your options for applying for additional funding. 

For information on scholarships, please review the Scholarships page on our website.