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Pre-Departure Orientation

Pre-Departure Orientation 

There are several things you must do prior to departing for your study abroad program. We want you to be as prepared as possible when you travel out into the world. For that reason, we require that everyone who is studying abroad participate in a mandatory Pre-departure Orientation session prior to going abroad. All participants in a UCF study abroad program are required to complete an online course and an in-person group session prior to their departure. The online course consists of 4 modules with information on Cultural Adaptation, Goal Setting, Safety Abroad and Incident Management. The in-person session uses the material covered in the online course in a practical interactive setting.  Topics covered include awareness of self and surroundings, emergency/crisis scenarios, managing money, avoiding pickpockets, packing, communication plans, expectations, developing a support group, etc.

Students will not receive a grade or academic credit for this course, however, all components must be completed prior to departure. Keep in mind there is no tuition charges for this course.  The material covered in this orientation will prepare students for a rewarding, successful and safe experience abroad. Students are also issued insurance cards and country specific emergency cards to take with them on their travels.

Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to removal from the program with no refund or reversal of charges.

Emergency Safety Plan
A personal Emergency Safety Plan is required of each student going abroad as it contains information that can help in a crisis