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UCF Travel Accident and Sickness Policy

UCF Travel Accident and Sickness Policy

The University has purchased a Travel policy to cover faculty, staff and students traveling outside of the United States, while on University sponsored trips including study abroad programs.  This insurance is primary to all other insurance policies that may also provide coverage.  

For Benefit Summaries, Insurance Cards and instructions on how to use the insurance while abroad please see more information here:

Please note the general exclusions including : "Injury or loss contributed by the use of drugs unless administered by a doctor."

Travel insurance, while not required, is highly recommended. Travel insurance protects you from costs associated with travel cancellations and interruptions, as well as loss or damage to property during the trip.
Make sure you save all of your receipts from doctors’ offices and pharmacies. Some doctor’s offices may require you to pay office visit fees up front. Many pharmacies also expect cash payment when you receive prescription medication. You will then submit your receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement. Pre-departure orientations will provide more details about insurance coverage.