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Short-term Program Proposal

Thank you for your interest in leading a study abroad program during the 2017-18 academic year. We are appreciative of your dedication to the intercultural development of UCF students and furthering the goals of internationalizing the University. Please see below for deadlines and the required documents needed to submit a proposal for a short-term study abroad program. Please contact UCF Abroad with any questions.
There are two proposal options:
  1. Faculty-led - Initial Proposal
  2. Faculty-led - Renewal

Deadlines for Proposal Submission:
  • Spring 2018: April 15, 2017
  • Summer 2018: April 15, 2017

The following four documents will be required for a complete proposal submission. All documents can be sent to or dropped off in Suite 115 in the Global UCF building. 

Please note: if you will not be traveling with the short-term program you are proposing or renewing, contact UCF Abroad for an alternate form.
  • Faculty-led Short Term Proposal: For initial proposals, please be sure to complete the program description with a student audience in mind, as this description will be the basis for the online program page. Completed proposal form must include the Chair and Dean signatures. 
    >> Faculty-Led Initial Proposal
       >> Faculty-Led Renewal
  • Study Abroad Appointments Form:  Completed compensation appointments form is required including the Chair and Dean Signatures. Programs that intend to have two leaders should include both leaders on one form. The second page of this form does not apply to 12-month employees.
     >> Compensation Appointments Form
  • Course Scheduling Form: Completed course scheduling form for each course offered as part of the program, including the Chair’s signature.Syllabus or Detailed Course Description: A syllabus or detailed course description is required for each course you are offering as part of the program.
    >> Course Scheduling Form
For any program previously run but is being proposed with a significant change, such as a different program leader, country, course, or has not been offered within the past two years (2016 or 2017), a  new  initial proposal must be submitted.

Program Development Process
  1. Meet with UCF Global about your intended proposal. Please contact to initiate a meeting. 
  2. Submit all proposal documents to UCF Global via email or in person.
  3. The Study Abroad Review Committee will review all new proposals. UCF Global will review all renewals.
  4. Program Leaders will be notified of the committee’s decision, including requests for additional information or changes.
  5. For new programs, Program Leaders will work with UCF Global guidance to obtain quotes from appropriate study abroad providers (if applicable).
  6. UCF Global will develop a budget and online program page with input from the PL.
  7. Upon finalizing the budget and program page, the program will begin taking student applications.