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Spanish Golden Age Literature and Theatre: From Page to Stage

Summer A  2013


Program Description:

Modern Languages & Literatures Department, in collaboration with the Department of Theatre at UCF, offers unique opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to enhance their cultural, linguistic, and artistic experiences through the process of writing, performing, and producing a contemporary play in the Spanish language informed by Spanish Golden Age dramatic literature and theatre, its underlying themes, as well as other respective cultural specifics. This interdisciplinary and cross-cultural project that will develop during the initial three to four weeks of the Summer A course on UCF campus will then culminate in an on-site performance and cultural activities taking place at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, during the last ten days of the course.

The collaboration will engage students, current majors from the Departments of Modern Languages & Literatures and Theatre, as well as students in the interdisciplinary or international tracks and study abroad fields, in an artistically and intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary process that will provide them with a set of tools to approach a classical dramatic text (specifically, a key masterpiece from Spanish Golden Age) from cultural, linguistic, and theatrical perspectives. This collaborative project will also offer student participants a rare practical experience of communicating across culture and language in the process of writing, devising, and performing a contemporary theatrical text influenced by the Spanish Golden Age. This experience may be of interest to majors who plan to pursue M.A. and or Ph.D. degrees in Spanish and/or Theatre, as well as interdisciplinary graduate studies or current graduate students in the respective disciplines.

During the last ten days of the course, the program will be hosted by the Instituto Franklin at the Universidad de Alcalá, located in the hometown of Miguel de Cervantes, 45 minutes from Madrid.  This university is a proud alma mater of several renowned Spanish playwrights such as Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Lope de Vega,  and Tirso de Molina, to name a few. This culturally rich encounter with the historical past will enhance the students’ understanding of contemporary Spanish society through a well-designed course curriculum and academic activities in one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Spain.

The Study Abroad program provides students with the opportunity to immerse into a rigorous academic setting and to collaborate across the Spanish language, culture, and performance tradition.  In addition to practicing their language skills and/or enhancing their cultural awareness and vocabulary in a uniquely collaborative environment, students will also be able to apply their acquired knowledge in a variety of practical and creative ways. Moreover, students will gain exposure to a diversity of social values and intellectual/artistic venues, which will ultimately strengthen their ability to effectively interact outside their familiar social, linguistic, and artistic environments.

Classes will start at UCF during Summer A and will meet twice per week on campus.  Students will be in Spain June 16th through June 25th. 

Students will travel to Alcalá de Henares, Spain during the last ten days of the course in Summer A.  Excursions will include several visits to the area’s cultural sites, as well as a trip to Madrid. Students will be living in the area with local families.

Students on this program should plan to arrive in Madrid, Spain by noon on the starting day of the program in order to be in the country in time to transfer to their accommodations.  Please note, check flight schedules carefully before booking.  To arrive by noon on the starting day of this program, fights must depart the USA the day before the start of the program.  Students are encouraged not to purchase their flights until after the application deadline and the applicants have been informed that the program has met its minimum numbers.


Payment Breakdown based upon the minimum number of students:

Payment 1:  $100 (non-refundable)
Payment 2:  $1000
Payment 3:  $372.50
Payment 4:  $372.50

Learning Outcomes:

• Improve upon Spanish language comprehension in conversation, reading, and writing in a setting created specifically for second language acquisition
• Create a vocabulary for collaborating on a creative project that involves writing, devising, performing, and producing a play in a foreign language
• Identify and discuss themes and contexts of the respective play, including subtexts and non-verbal cues
• Communicate with local, native speakers inside and outside of the classroom
• Recognize appropriate use of language in different cultural contexts (formal, casual, generational)
• Identify non-verbal cues for Spain
• Develop insight into what it means to live in a global world
• Explore cultural differences and similarities between Spain and USA
• Gain exposure to diverse social values and intellectual environments
• Experience cultural immersion with excursions throughout Spain
• Compare and contrast college life in USA and Spain
• Enhance knowledge of Spanish history, music, and art
• Recognize and describe cultural norms for the country

Program Prerequisites:
Minimum GPA: 2.75 cumulative
Language: Spanish
Proficiency Level Required: 
Other Prerequisites: 

• Open to majors in Spanish and Theatre at the junior or senior level
• Spanish Language Students:  Spanish at the junior or senior level
• Theatre Students: Script analysis and one course in the area of specialization per instructor's review
• Consent of the Instructor

Courses[click to expand]:
SPW-3321 Modern Hispanic Theatre Workshop II
Academic Institution: University of Alcalá de Henares
Catalog Description:

Participation in theatre playwriting and production of a play in Spanish with emphasis on the analyses of the Spanish Golden Age theatre and its influence abroad.

Credit Hours: 3.00

Program Components and Costs:
Component: Program Fees

The following services are included as part of the program fee:

  • Room and board (including internet access) with host families
  • Excursion to Corral de Comedias y Ruta Cerventina en Alcalá
  • Excursion to Palacio Real
  • Excursion to Biblioteca National
  • Excursion to Museo de El Prado
  • Excursion to Casa/Museo Lope de Vega
  • Airport transfers
  • Medical insurance including repatriation
  • Classroom space and theatre rental
  • Administrative fee


The following services are not included as part of the program fee:

  • Round trip air between Orlando, Florida and Madrid, Spain
  • Passport or visa fees
  • Incidentals
  • Meals except as listed above
  • Currency exchange fees
  • Personal travel not associated with the program
  • Tips and gratuities for tour guides and private charter buses
  • UCF tuition 
Price (in US Dollars): 1845.00
Requirement: Mandatory
1st payment due:  Pending application approval
2nd payment due: 2013-02-24
3rd payment due: 2013-03-15
4th payment due: 2013-04-16
Study abroad fees are posted to the UCF student account. Payment procedures, types and cashier locations can be found here, on the UCF Registrar's website.
Faculty Program Coordinator:
Name: Dr. Martha Garcia & Dr. Julia Listengarten
Email: martha.garcia@ucf.edu
Office: Dr. Martha Garcia: CNH 528B, Dr. Julia Listengarten: PACT 220
Program Dates:
Program Begins: 2013-06-12
Program Ends: 2013-06-21
Program Deadlines:
Last day to apply: 2013-02-15
Last day to withdraw/reconfirm: 2013-02-20
Academic Institution:
University of Alcalá de Henares 
Additional information:
Program Map
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Currency Exchange Information
Visa Information:
Visa Required: No
Your visa requirements and cost may vary if you are not a US citizen. Please let OIS staff know if you are not using a US passport to ensure that we can address any differences in the immigration requirements.

Program Cost Disclaimer: The program cost does not cover UCF tuition, airfare (unless a program expressly and specifically includes this), independent travel, or personal expenses. Cost is approximate and may fluctuate due to changes in foreign currency or unforeseen circumstances. UCF reserves the right to alter or cancel the program at any time. In such cases, the university shall not be liable for airfare, transportation costs and/or any other costs incurred by the student. UCF, Office of International Studies will make reasonable efforts to notify students through reasonable means to inform the students to reserve their flights. Students should consult their travel agent about buying travel insurance to defray unanticipated costs in the event travel plans change. UCF will make reasonable efforts to notify students via Knights email when any significant changes are being made to the program. It is entirely within UCF's discretion as to what changes are considered significant.

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