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COVID-19 & Study Abroad Participation Statement (9/2/2021)   

The University of Central Florida and UCF Abroad do not require vaccination against COVID-19 as a pre-condition for participation in study abroad programs. However, it should be noted that study abroad students have always been, and continue to be, subject to the entrance protocols and requirements of host countries in order to participate in study abroad programs. It is possible, perhaps likely, that the host nations for our study abroad programs will require international travelers to show proof of vaccination and applicants to our study abroad programs must comply with such requirements, if they wish to participate in the program.   

The entry requirements pertaining to COVID-19 vary by destination and are constantly changing. Students applying to study abroad should be prepared to be flexible and must be willing to comply with all entrance requirements and regulations of program host destinations, if they wish to participate in the program.   

Many of our programs are planning to visit countries that are currently requiring vaccination, for example: Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, and so on.  

In addition, certain countries may impose a travel ban to their respective countries from the US, in which case, the study abroad program at issue, may have to be cancelled. 


Subject: Pre-Approved Partner Program Opportunities for Students in the College of Business Administration.

The College of Business Administration has approved additional study abroad program opportunities. These new programs offer pre-approved coursework in new locations during both he fall/spring and summer terms. Students will now be able to study overseas at the following institutions:

Singapore Management University (Singapore)
Korea University (Seoul, South Korea)
Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand)
Stellenbosch University (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Esade University Summer Program (Barcelona, Spain)
For more information review the linked brochure below:
COBA Approved Partner Programs

Email with any questions


Subject: Flexibility of Program Selection due to COVID-19 Implications

All applicants are advised to make note of the following important considerations regarding international COVID-19 policies which can be amended with short notice:

1) All students are encouraged to remain flexible with their study abroad plans. Due to ongoing uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, program operation statuses may change unexpectedly. Students should proactively stay informed regarding their program’s cancelation and withdrawal policies as well as participation deferment options.
2) All students should be aware of the eligibility requirements for program participation and scholarship award disbursement, as they can vary from country to country.
Students can verify U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories by clicking this link.