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Next Steps

Picking a Program 

To move forward with the study abroad application process,
Knights should have already completed the initial steps found on our
Start Here page. You should now complete the following:
  2. 1. Identify a program that fits your needs by utilizing the information contained in our Study Abroad 101 session and the information summarized below. Browse programs available on the  "Programs - Apply Here" tab. If you are having difficulty finding programs, please see the Top Majors tab.
  3. 2. Schedule an appointment with a UCF Abroad Advisor by completing an Interest Form below to finalize your program selection and begin the application process.


Students should select 2-3 programs of interest prior to scheduling their first advising appointment with a UCF Abroad advisor. To schedule an appointment, please complete an Interest Form (linked here). A UCF Abroad advisor will be assigned to you and will assist with any questions you might have regarding your final program selection and getting started with the application process. 

UCF Abroad is located on the second floor of the Trevor Colbourn Hall building in Suite 205.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

After you have selected a program and begun the application process, you should contact Karissa Lawson-Harris with your financial aid questions. You can set up an appointment with her by emailing

To learn more about scholarship opportunities, how to get started and how to apply, please review our PowerPoint Scholarships 101 here!

Program Selection

Please refer to the chart and program type summary below to identify the program that best fits your academic needs, personal goals and budget. 
UCF Abroad offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to build their credentials through study abroad programs. From short term programs to semester exchanges, our programs are designed to enhance the curriculum and make study/intern abroad accessible.  Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of opportunities students have to study or intern overseas:

Program Comparison
* Financial Aid applicability is dependent on the program and each student's individual financial aid package.

Program Descriptions 

"UCF in" Programs

Want to study abroad but not ready for a full semester commitment? UCF Abroad offers short-term programs intended to provide the maximum amount of exposure to a subject and culture in the shortest amount of time. "UCF in" programs are typically led by UCF faculty and follow a structured itinerary, making these programs perfect for first-time travelers. This is our most popular program type for many reasons:
  • Shorter duration – lasting less than eight weeks, "UCF in" Programs are generally the most affordable way to study abroad. This is also the perfect type of program for students who might not be able or willing to commit to a long program duration.
  • Not major-specific – typically offered during spring break or over the summer semester, "UCF in" Programs allow students in structured academic programs to study abroad without falling behind in their major’s coursework.
  • Academic credit – participants on these programs will still be enrolled at UCF and paying UCF tuition.
Please email to learn more about our “UCF in” Programs.
UCF in Italy 2018
                                                                               UCF in Italy | Art History Abroad

Exchange Programs

Have you ever imagined living abroad for a semester, or even a year, and taking classes at an international institution? UCF Exchange Programs give students in certain colleges the opportunity to participate in a classic study abroad experience. UCF Exchange Programs are unique because:
  • Full semester or year-long options – more time abroad means more time for you to immerse yourself in the culture, travel to nearby destinations, expand your network and feel like a local in your community.
  • Major-specific – only certain colleges of study offer UCF Exchange programs. This means all of the courses are upper level, pre-approved courses towards your major. There is no transient student paperwork or transfer credit involved.
  • Academic credit – students are still paying for and earning UCF credit while abroad. Paying UCF tuition is much more cost-effective than directly enrolling with a university and incurring international fees. Plus, students that receive Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid, or any other type of federal aid, can apply their financial aid package towards UCF Exchange Programs.
Still have questions about UCF Exchange Programs?
Please email to schedule an appointment.

Chris Parks Australia
                                                                          Chris, RMIT University, Australia

Partner & Non-UCF Programs 
Couldn’t find what you were looking for with our UCF Abroad programs? If we do not offer your dream location and proper coursework, there are still options! UCF Abroad can guide you to a program through either another school, like Florida State University or one of our Partner Programs. UCF Abroad wants to connect with you and learn more about your goals so you can pick the best program for your needs! We can assist you in browsing hundreds of program offerings to find the best option. Partner and non-UCF programs are a good option for students because:
  • More options – working with partner companies opens up a world of opportunity for your dream study abroad experience. There are more locations and coursework available to meet your budget and desired start date/end date.
  • Work with your budget – we encourage students to work with the Office of Student Financial Assistance to see if and how their financial aid package might apply to a partner or non-UCF program.
  • Transfer credit – your coursework will be counted as transfer credit at UCF. It is very important that students complete the course approval process before they apply to their partner program or use the Florida Shines system if going abroad through another Florida state school.  
Thinking about exploring what other options are available through a Partner or Non-UCF Programs?
Reach out to the proper contact listed below for the region you are interested in:

Region UCF Abroad Contact
Asia, Australia, & South Pacific
Latin America
Northern Africa
South Africa
Linette Spain
                                                                        Linnette, University of Jaen, Spain
Internship Programs
Make your resume stand out by participating outside of the classroom in an overseas internship. UCF Abroad has teamed up with the Office of Experiential Learning and Partner Providers to match you with a completely customized position abroad. This unique experience allows you to gain international work experience while earning UCF credit. Although placements are usually unpaid, students choose the option to do an internship because:
  • Duration is up to you – international internships are typically 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks in length during the summer semester.  You may also choose to intern abroad for a whole semester to maximize your professional exposure and network.
  • They’re customizable – UCF Abroad will assist you to pair the type of work experience you desire with the country you want to work in. Students usually interview with their potential employer, so it is sure to be a good fit for everyone.
  • Earn credit at UCF – your experience abroad can count for UCF internship credit. Depending on your location, UCF Abroad will partner with the Office of Experiential Learning to guide or create a customized course for your professional experience, which will then be reflected on your UCF transcript.
Send an email to if you are curious about internships abroad.
Leigh Hong Kong
                                                                              Leigh, Hong Kong Polytechnic University