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Scholarships and Finances

Studying abroad may be less expensive than you think! It takes careful financial planning, so start early.

As you compare program options, take care to note the costs associated with the program, as well as expenses not included, such as airfare.
Please utilize our Budget Sheet while you estimate your program costs. Financing a study abroad experience requires careful consideration of the type, term, and location of the program.


There are many scholarships available to UCF students to cover the cost of study abroad programs. Some are available from UCF Abroad, individual colleges, national organizations, and international organizations. Remember, UCF Abroad or UCF-specific scholarships may only be applicable to UCF study abroad programs ("UCF in" and exchanges), you can verify which types of aid will be applicable towards you program by making an appointment with the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Be sure to explore every source of funding you can find. You may be surprised at the number of opportunities available to you!

*Please note: Typically, awards are not announced until close to program departure dates and are NOT disbursed until approximately 3 weeks after the drop/add deadline of the UCF semester. Students should be prepared to finance their program in the event they are not awarded and should not commit to a program if they are depending on receiving a scholarship.  

Application Tips

Before you submit your scholarship application, check out these tips, provided by UCF Abroad:
Scholarship Application Tips

Financial Aid Process

"UCF in" and exchange programs are designed to enhance the curriculum at UCF by providing unique opportunities for students to go beyond their regular coursework and to develop abilities that will help them become more successful in a globalized community. UCF Abroad and the Office of Student Financial Assistance work collaboratively to assist students to reach their international educational goals. To start the Study Abroad Financial Aid process, Students will need to follow the steps below:
  1. Make an appointment with a UCF Abroad advisor to select the "best fit" study abroad program for you! You can schedule an appointment for completing an interest form here.
  2. Make an appointment with the Office of Student Financial Assistance to discuss your anticipated award amount and how it can be applied to education abroad. For all study abroad financial aid inquiries and to make an appointment, please email
  3. If you have not already, apply for financial aid. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 
  4. Check the Office of Student Financial Assistance website for a complete explanation of the financial aid process.
  5. Set up a direct deposit authorization in myUCF so that your funds can be deposited electronically around the world.
  6. Make sure you know your payment deadlines and how you plan to pay for your program. You may need to pay some expenses—such as application fees, program deposits, airfare, passport, visa, etc., before your financial aid is disbursed.
  7. UCF programs, such as "UCF in" and exchange programs (students who registered their courses in their UCF portal) are eligible for Bright Futures, Federal, and Florida financial aid. Partner Programs are only eligible for Federal and Private financial aid.
  8. Most types of financial aid eligibility require a minimum of 6 hours of enrollment, including the approved study abroad programs. Please review the Program Eligibility Chart at for the minimum hours required by each type of aid to be eligible for financial aid disbursement.

Requirements and Forms

Students who are approved for a Study Abroad Program at the University of Central Florida, A Florida University, or Non-Florida (Private) Programs must fulfill the following requirements.

1. University of Central Florida Programs must have the following requirements:
  • A committed study abroad program on file with UCF Abroad. Complete an application through our website today!
  • A program study abroad miscellaneous fee from the Office of Student Accounts Services
2. Florida Programs must have the following requirements:
3. Non-Florida (Private) Programs must have the following requirements:
Additionally, students may be eligible to complete the Short Term Advance Form, which can assist in funding the cost of flights. For further information, please contact