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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff 

UCF Abroad's strategy includes an emphasis on expanding the University’s global and cultural studies.  In support of that goal, we are continually seeking faculty involvement in international programs as we strive to make global studies a hallmark of undergraduate education.

A faculty led group program is a program in which the academic instruction on site is provided by UCF faculty.  These programs are typically offered during the interim and summer sessions.  A group program is typically short-term and can last from 2 to 8 weeks.

Program Directorships and faculty participation in faculty-led study-abroad programs are open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as instructors, as determined by departments, and contingent upon approval from the Dean of the appropriate division.

The UCF Abroad office will assist you in developing a study abroad program and implementing a marketing strategy.  We will work with faculty leaders from the very beginning of the proposal process.  Interested faculty should contact UCF Abroad to discuss program ideas and planning a new summer program. Spring and Summer 2020 program proposals are due to UCF Abroad by April 2019.


Faculty and academic advisors at UCF are encouraged to make students aware that:
  • Study abroad is an important part of their university education.
  • Every student can receive credit for study abroad.
  • There are scholarships and other funding sources available, including the use of existing financial aid.
When a student indicates an interest in studying abroad, there are many things you can do. Here are a few initial suggestions:
  • Encouragement is always first. It helps students to hear faculty and advisors say that study abroad is possible and worth pursuing.
  • Inform them that UCF Abroad advisors are available to meet with students throughout the year and discuss potential program options.
  • When advising students, ask if they have plans to study abroad. This question is particularly important when advising freshmen. The earlier they begin to plan, the easier it will be to find credits that will transfer to meet general education requirements and/or major/minor requirements.
  • Help the student to frame their preliminary questions. When will study abroad fit best in the student's degree progress, for how long could he/she remain abroad and stay on track? Thinking about those questions early will help students use time efficiently once they get to the point of selecting a program.

Class Presentations

Faculty who wish to have a UCF Abroad representative give a classroom presentation covering the basics of study abroad may email UCF Abroad at