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Faculty and Staff

Who We Are

UCF Abroad is a unit within the Division of Student Learning and Academic Success in the College of Undergraduate Studies. Our unit is committed to contributing to the comprehensive internationalization of the University of Central Florida by connecting all faculty and students with opportunities to enrich the on-campus academic experience through high-impact, credit-bearing study and internship abroad programming.
Studying abroad can be one of the most enriching and inspiring experiences in a student’s college career. For faculty, leading a study abroad program presents the opportunity to both connect with students and engage with the curriculum in ways that cannot be achieved on campus. By sharing this experience abroad with your students, it is our hope that this contributes to faculty professional development and to evolving faculty perspectives on their discipline and teaching.


What We Do

UCF Abroad is responsible for the administration and overall management of all study abroad opportunities, including faculty-led programs. A faculty-led study abroad program is one in which the academic instruction on site is provided by UCF faculty.  Typically offered during spring break and summer sessions, Faculty-led programs range from 2-4 weeks in duration and can offer 3-6 credits.
UCF Abroad will assist faculty in designing and launching an international opportunity that fully complements their course learning objectives with the advantages of learning in the field. In doing so, we will ensure that each program meets safety standards, is logistically and financially feasible, and is widely accessible to the UCF community of interest.
Faculty participation in study abroad programs is open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as instructors (as determined by departments) and contingent upon approval from the Dean of the appropriate division.

How to Get Started

The UCF Abroad office will assist faculty in developing a study abroad program proposal for submission and review. Interested faculty should begin by discussing their interest in leading a program with their administration to ensure both financial and curricular approvals can be obtained.
Faculty should then begin to formulate their program concept. To do so, they should review the program proposal documentation to gain an understanding of the components of a successful proposal.
All interested faculty are encouraged to reach out to Oliver McSurley, Assistant Director, ( at any time to discuss program concepts and to have all of their questions answered.

Class Presentations

Faculty, staff, and student RSOs may request a UCF Abroad representative to give a classroom presentation covering the basics of study abroad by emailing:

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have at