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UCF Scholarship Opportunities

General Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities available to UCF students to cover the cost of studying abroad. Here is a list of some of the scholarships available, but be sure to explore every source of funding you can find!
  • Alma Negy Summer Study in Spain Scholarship - Each year, the Alma Negy Summer Study in Spain Scholarship presents one student with an award up to $1,500.
  • Austin Fragomen Study Abroad Grant - Thanks to a very generous donation and deep personal commitment to supporting study abroad at UCF, we are very happy to offer the Mr. Austin Fragomen Study Abroad Grant program. To apply for this scholarship you must have first submitted an application and been accepted into a UCF Abroad program. The grant is provided for outgoing study abroad students in good academic standing, with a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrated financial need (must have a FAFSA on file), and attending a UCF Abroad-approved program. Both the number and amount of awards will vary depending on factors such as available funding and recommendations from the selection committee. In general, the award minimum will be $1,000. 
  • Beryl R. Colbourn Study Abroad Scholarship - This award is specifically designed to help make study abroad programs accessible to students. To apply for this scholarship you must have first submitted an application and been accepted into a UCF Abroad program. Awards are made based on evaluations of written applications, need, merit and other factors. Awards can be up to $1000 per semester. Students must be participants in UCF Abroad Programs. Applications are not considered complete without a letter of reference/recommendation and a personal statement by the posted deadline.  It is your responsibility to notify the contact person to provide your recommendation of the deadline for the scholarship to which you applied. 
  • Brinson 2020 Study Abroad Scholarship - The College of Community Innovation and Education, in conjunction with the Brinson Foundation, will award up to five $500 Study Abroad Scholarships during Spring and Summer.  All accepted participants in a Spring or Summer CCIE Study Abroad Program are eligible to apply. Deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 15.
  • Douglas Rudy Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students in the College of Arts and Humanities. Applicants must have formally applied for participation in a UCF Summer Study Program. Preference will be given only to those individuals with financial need who show general merit. Applications must be received one week after the deadline for the UCF Summer Abroad Programs.
  • Dr. Olga Pustovalova TEFL Scholarship - Pustovalova believed in the value of understanding different cultures, and, to that end, this scholarship was created to help UCF students gain teaching experience in a foreign country and thereby carry on Pustovalova’s academic endeavors.
  • Horacio A. Fasce Endowed Scholarship - Students should be juniors or first-semester seniors in good academic standing. Students must have declared a minor in Italian. Students must have a 3.0 GPA overall and a 3.2 in Italian. The award must be toward the Study Abroad program in Italy sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
  • IC CAE Study Abroad Scholarship - This scholarship is open to many different fields and courses of study, but the student’s course work should reflect material that will enhance his or her knowledge and skills in areas that are beneficial to a career in intelligence and national security. Scholarship awards are expected to be up to $3,000 and will be awarded competitively to undergraduate students who are interested in these areas. 
  • Julia Rosengren Endowed Fund - Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Central Florida with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Applicants must be admitted into the Summer Study Abroad in Russia.
  • Julie V. Benson and Laura L. Benson Study Abroad Fund - The Julie V. Benson and Laura L. Benson Study Abroad Fund provides funding for a UCF undergraduate study to participate in a study abroad educational experience. The award must be used for travel, housing, and meals. Awards up to $1,000.
  • Marjorie Tyler International Scholarship - The scholarship is available for UCF students pursuing both outbound and inbound (TO UCF) study abroad programs. Priority is designated for students intending to study abroad in the following countries/regions (in priority order); (1) France, (2) Western Europe, (3) Central/Eastern Europe, (4) other countries. Students who are participating in a full year or semester abroad program are offered first priority, followed by students in shorter study abroad programs. Awards of $1,000 have been allocated to incoming and outgoing study abroad students. 
  • Pat Forton Memorial Scholarship for Summer Study in Italy - Applicant must be enrolled as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student at the College of Arts and Humanities with a 3.0 overall grade point average admitted to the Summer Study Abroad in Italy. 
  • UCF Abroad Scholarship (Need-Based) - This award is specifically designed to help make study abroad programs accessible to students with documented financial need. To apply for this scholarship you must have first submitted an application and been accepted into a UCF Abroad program. Awards are made based on evaluations of written applications, need, merit and other factors. Awards can be up to $1000 for short-term programs; up to $1500 for full-semester programs. 
  • UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Scholarships
  • UCF College of Graduate Studies Fellowships - The College of Graduate Studies at UCF awards over $2 million in fellowship funding each year. Fellowships are awarded to students in acknowledgment of their impressive past achievements and in anticipation of their future successes at UCF and beyond. Students may receive fellowships from the UCF College of Graduate Studies, from their college or department, or from agencies or organizations outside of UCF. Graduate fellowship funds are awarded to enhance a fellow’s scholarly and educational endeavors, but there are no specific assignments associated with the award. Instead, fellows are expected to participate fully in their program and in the intellectual community of the university, thereby enriching the experience of that community.
  • UCF IC CAE Study Abroad Scholarship - This competitive, merit-based scholarship is awarded up to $3,000 for undergraduate students and up to $8,000 for graduate research. This scholarship is interdisciplinary and is open to many courses of study, as long as the course work reflects material that would be beneficial to a future in intelligence and national security. Many skills and areas of expertise are in critical need right now in the national security and intelligence communities. 
  • UCF Scholarships - Check A2O (Access to Opportunities) to apply for UCF scholarships. You can browse many opportunities on this website. Check A2O frequently for additional scholarship opportunities that may become available.

Burnett Honors & Honor Society Scholarships
Several UCF colleges and departments offer their own specific study abroad awards. Check with the department for your program or major to see if there are any scholarship opportunities for study abroad.
  • Burnett Honors Scholarships - The Burnett Honors College offers over $135,000 annually in scholarships. Scholarships are awarded in the fall and spring semesters to current Burnett Honors College students in good standing with outstanding qualifications. Awards range from major-specific to study abroad scholarships and all eligible students are encouraged to apply. 
  • Honor's Short-term Study Abroad Scholarships - Honors students who are not eligible for the President’s Scholars Program can apply for a $500-$1,000 Honors Spring Study Abroad Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded competitively and the award level depends on program costs. 
  • Sonny’s Endowment for President’s Scholars - Established in 2005 by Mr. Bob Yarmuth, CEO for Sonny’s Barb-B-Q, and his family, The Sonny’s Endowment provides a study abroad experience to UCF’s highest achieving Burnett Honors College students. Students must apply for an Honors study abroad program to be eligible for the award. Upon completion of the award, students are expected to present on their experience and document a reflection on the program. Honors students who meet the requirements listed below can apply for the President’s Scholarship.  This scholarship has two award levels depending on program costs.
  • Phi Kappa Phi Awards - Phi Kappa Phi awards nearly $1 million each year to outstanding students, Phi Kappa Phi members and chapters. 

Updated: November 27, 2019