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Grades, Course Approvals, and Transcripts

Course Registration Abroad
  • UCF Study Abroad courses are subject to the regular UCF academic deadlines and registration processes. Study Abroad courses are identified in the class schedule and registering for them requires a special permission number. You must fulfill all application and commitment requirements before getting the permission number to register.
  • RSE participants must register at UCF and at their host institution during the same semester. Courses selected at the institution abroad must be approved in advance to ensure that the UCF registration is consistent with the courses taken abroad.
  • You are responsible for informing UCF of any changes in your registration at the host institution. You may not be able to get credit for courses that have not been previously approved
  • Exchange program participants must bring back course information, assignments, and copies of work produced, such as papers, exams and homework, as well as a transcript. This information may be required for the UCF faculty of record to be able to assign the appropriate grade.
  • Students participating on Partner Programs are responsibility for seeking course pre-approvals for all coursework to be undertaken abroad. Should actual course enrollments abroad NOT reflect course pre-approvals arranged it is the student's responsibility to follow up with relevant faculty and advisors while overseas to explore the potential to have substitutions approved. 

Posting of Grades

Program type will determine the processing time needed for overseas grades to be applied. Grades from study abroad programs are not always posted at the end of the semester spent abroad. 
  • Short-term program grades may take a number of days or weeks depending on how quickly the faculty complete and submit their records.
    • An “N” will show on your transcript until the grade has been posted by the UCF faculty of record. The late posting may create a issues with financial aid and scholarships. If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance and ask for advice regarding your particular situation.
  • Grades for Exchange and Partner programs may be delayed for a number of months depending on the host university's processing timeline and academic calendar. Students are advised to take this into consideration when planning for their program.
  • For some partner programs it is necessary for the student to formally request an official transcript at the conclusion of the program. In such cases, it is the student's responsibility to request the transcript and have it send to the UCF Abroad Office in a sealed envelope. 
  • When grades are given by faculty from the host country using that country's grading scale, equivalency scales are used to translate the grades to US grades by UCF's Registrar's Office. These scales are not a mere adaption to the US percentage or letter grade system, but rather are designed to match the spirit of the host country grading system with the US system. The same variation that occurs between the differing demands of professors at UCF is likely to occur with teachers abroad and UCF does not make adjustments to the grading scale on this count. 

Delivery of Academic Records

Excluding UCF Faculty-Led programs, all academic records from study abroad programs must be delivered in a sealed envelope directly from the institution to UCF.

All students participating on Partner Programs must ensure that their academic record is coming from an accredited and recognized academic institution overseas. The UCF Abroad office will assist with this, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to make sure this policy is adhered to. Should students provide an academic credential from an institution that does not have the appropriate accreditation, or does have accreditation that is not recognized by UCF, their is a risk that credits earned may not be accepted here at UCF. 

Participation on NON-Approved Programs

All students electing to participate on a study abroad program NOT offered by UCF Abroad (non-approved programs) take full responsibility for course enrollments and registrations and must recognize that any courses taken abroad will undergo post-program review for credit consideration. The acceptance or denial of any credit on such programs is at the discretion of the relevant academic unit and associated advising staff. Students participating on such programs do run the risk of having the credit(s) for coursework taken denied acceptance by UCF. Such credit evaluation will require an independent academic transcript review and credit articulation from an organization outside of UCF (additional cost).