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Study Abroad Processes

The University of Central Florida assesses a $350 Study Abroad Fee to all study abroad participants. 

Program Selection and Advising

Study Abroad 101 Sessions

All students should attend one of the bi-weekly Study Abroad 101 information sessions prior to scheduling an initial appointment with an advisor. Students unable to attend a session due to time conflicts must reach out to or one of the advisors to schedule an individual appointment. 

Study Abroad Advising

Students are encouraged to meet with a UCF Abroad advisor to discuss program options. Students may contact the office by phone, email, or in person to set up an appointment. In addition to meeting with an advisor, students are required to conduct research on potential programs of interest independently by attending the Study Abroad Fair, reviewing program catalogs and the UCF Abroad website, and visiting other relevant websites. 

When selecting a program, all students should be guided by the following three factors; 
  1. Academic needs- What program(s) will offer the academic coursework and opportunities necessary to remain on track toward their UCF degree? 
  2. Finances- What program(s) will offer the highest impact international experience within a budget that is reasonable considering available financial resources? 
  3. Region of interest- Where would you like to study abroad? 

Application Deadlines

Students must submit his/her application for study abroad by the deadline indicated below. A two-week grace period may be available (depending on the program) during which applications can still be accepted for consideration. Applications submitted after the deadline and/or after the two-week grace period will not be accepted. In general: 
  • Applications for study abroad participation during an academic year or fall semester are due by February 15.
  • Applications for study abroad participation during a spring semester due by October 15.
  • Applications for study abroad participation during a summer term are due by February 15.
  • If a deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday the application for study abroad will be due on the following Monday by 4:30PM.

Study Abroad Approval Forms

Student approval for study abroad will be conveyed through the UCF Abroad application system at When the student's application status is switched to "Accepted," it is the student's responsibility to take the necessary action through their application to "Commit" to the program.

Specific approval processes and procedures will vary depending on program type and by the specific program in question. It is the student's responsibility to insure that they are fully informed of their program's acceptance criteria and deadlines.

Students must receive final approval to study abroad from the UCF Abroad Office and the student's relevant academic advisor. Final approval will be given after all application forms have been completed and approved and the student has received disciplinary clearance from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and financial clearance from the Financial Aid office.

If a student chooses to study abroad without approval, the student will risk their status as a UCF actively enrolled student, may not receive academic credit from UCF for coursework taken overseas and may risk financial aid eligibility at UCF.

Course Pre-Approvals 

Students participating in study abroad must take all necessary precautions to insure that coursework taken overseas will be accepted for credit here at UCF, is being offered by an accredited academic institution, and that it fits appropriately into their degree pathway. Students should consult with their academic advisor(s) early and often throughout the application process to make sure they are fully informed.

Students on Partner Programs are responsible for collecting and providing course descriptions and syllabi for any coursework they would like to have considered for pre-approval. The course review process will involve the review and assessment of all intended overseas coursework by the relevant faculty and advising staff. For each course, a Course Approval Memo must be completed by the relevant faculty stipulating the UCF course articulation and submitted to the UCF Abroad Office. 

Transient Form

Students participating on non-UCF or non-Statewide University System programs must complete the Transient Form in order to receive approval for study abroad. This form will require seeking signature approval for your program by the UCF Abroad Office, for your intended coursework overseas by your major advisor, as well as approval by the Registrar's Office. Submission of this form is essential to being approved to study abroad. 

Program Committal (Faculty-Led Programs)

For UCF Faculty-led Programs: After you have received approval to participate on a program you will be asked in your UCF application to "commit" to your program selection. Prior to your committing to a program, you may withdraw from the program at no charge. After you have committed to a program, you will be considered a participant in the program and liable for all fees associated with your program. Program costs will be posted to your UCF account according to the schedule on the program's webpage. 

For students on Partner Programs, withdraw and cancelation fees are determined by the organization hosting the program. UCF Abroad advises and encourages all students to be well-aware of cancelation and withdraw policies prior to committing to their program. 

Withdraw from a Study Abroad Program

Prior to "commitment"

If you have applied to a program but have not "committed" you may withdraw your application at no charge. 

After "commitment"

If you wish to withdraw from your selected program after you have "committed" you will be financially responsible for any and all funds committed on your behalf. This amount may be the entire program cost as purchases are made quickly after your "commitment" is received.

When students "commit" their intent to participate in the program, they acknowledge having read and accepted the UCF Abroad study abroad Terms of Participation, Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release as well as any other documents that the UCF Abroad office, the UCF program leaders or third parties require participating students to agree to. Students thereby also accept the associated financial commitments. When a student withdraws he or she will only receive funds that OIS has been able to recover.

UCF Abroad makes every attempt to limit the financial loss to the student, the program and the university. However, if a student withdraws for reasons other than those deemed exceptional by the university, he/she may owe the entire cost of the program.
After the program's application period closes, UCF Abroad begins paying program fees to vendors. If a student withdraws after the application period, any amount that may be refunded, if anything at all, by UCF to the student will be assessed and issued after the financial review of the program has concluded. This process may take several months after the program has ended.

All withdraw requests must be submitted by the student via email to the UCF Abroad office ( Verbal notifications of withdrawals will not be accepted as official. Withdrawal requests cannot be made through the Program Leader or Instructor. The withdrawal process is complete only after you have received confirmation from UCF Abroad that we received and approved your request. UCF Abroad may not issue any refund if the program participant cancels his or her application after “commitment”, unless the circumstances of the cancellation are deemed by the University to be exceptional, including but not limited to severe illness, death, involuntary call to military service, or university administrative error.

Withdraw from a Study Abroad Program in Session

If students withdraw from a study abroad program abroad for any reason, after arriving at the program site, students are responsible for any and all withdraw fees. Students doing so must acknowledge that there is little likelihood to receiving refunded fees in this scenario. Students must immediately notify the UCF Abroad office of their withdraw and are expected to leave the program immediately. 

Program cancellation

UCF Abroad will refund all fees paid to the university if UCF decides to cancel a program for safety and security reasons prior to its start. If a program has to be cancelled by UCF after it has started, refunds of fees paid will be prorated and may be limited by non-recoverable payments that have already been made to vendors. Refund of tuition fees will depend on how much academic credit the participant will be able to receive for work already completed or to be completed through alternative arrangements. UCF Abroad will assist participants in arranging alternatives for completing planned academic credit.

Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation

All student abroad applicants are required to attend the pre-departure orientation. Final approval for study abroad is contingent upon participation in the pre-departure session hosted by UCF Abroad. Students who have unexcused absences at the regularly scheduled pre-departure session will be required to make up the missed orientation. Excused absences include severe illness, emergency, or scheduled participation in another required academic pursuit. Excused absences must be pre-arranged between students and the UCF Abroad Office. 

Final Study Abroad Approval 

Students must receive final approval for study abroad from the UCF Abroad office and the appropriate academic advisors. Final approval will be given after all study abroad forms and have been turned in and requirements met. At this time the student's application status will be changed to "Accepted." Students who do not receive final approval for study abroad from the UCF Abroad office are not eligible to study abroad. If a student chooses to study abroad without approval, the student will risk their student status here at UCF, may not receive credit for their coursework taken overseas, and may negatively impact their financial aid package and standing. 

Flights, housing, and on-site confirmations

Unless otherwise noted, students are solely responsible for booking and purchasing flights, confirming their housing arrangements, and organizing transportation from their arrival airport to host accommodations. It is the student's responsibility to log the appropriate confirmation information in their study abroad application with UCF in the "Questionnaires" section. 

Behavioral Expectations

As a participant in a UCF-approved or UCF-administered study abroad program, each student is a representative of UCF, his/her home institution, and the United States, and should comport himself or herself in a manner that reflects favorable on all.

We expect UCF students to use sound judgement when making decisions abroad and in transit. All students are held to the standards of conduct established in the UCF Golden Rule Handbook ( Students should note that program leaders, host institutions, or partner program administrators have the right to terminate their participation in a program with no refund if a student's behavior is perceived to, or actually does, interfere with the learning opportunities and/or safety for the group or violates local customs, norms, as the established program standards. 

Alcohol and Drugs

UCF rules of conduct prohibit the possession, use, or sale of controlled substances. Participants violating this rule are jeopardizing the program, their safety and that of others, and will be dismissed.

If a student is old enough to legally drink in their host country, we expect that they will use good judgement and exercise moderation. Public intoxication may be cause for dismissal from the program. Actions that victimize a member of the community or program group, cause emotional distress or personal intimidation will not be tolerated.
It is the responsibility of all study abroad students to familiarize themselves with the local laws and customs as they pertain to this area and behave accordingly. 

Upon Return

Upon program conclusion and return to the United States, students are expected to;
  • Complete an evaluation for their program and submit to the UCF Abroad Office.
  • Assume responsibility for verifying that his/her transcript has been posted to the appropriate contact at UCF and, upon submission, has been received.
  • Understand that grade submission, review, and posting can take weeks and even months.
  • Evaluate how their timeline for transcript reception and processing will impact their financial aid and/or registration for following terms.