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Safety and Responsibility

Adherence to UCF Policies

We expect UCF students to use sound judgement when making decisions abroad and in transit. All students are held to the standards of conduct established in the UCF Golden Rule Handbook ( Students should note that program leaders, host institutions, or partner program administrators have the right to terminate their participation in a program with no refund if a student's behavior is perceived to, or actually does, interfere with the learning opportunities and/or safety for the group or violates local customs, norms, as the established program standards. 


As UCF students, all participants are coverage by a travel assistance policy offered through UCF's Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Although this policy does not cover pre-existing conditions, it does provide support for international travelers in need of medical guidance and assistance, emergency and non-emergency. It is the student's responsibility to know and understand the policy's coverage and how to use it. 

ADA and Study Abroad/Students with Disabilities

UCF Abroad is committed to providing services to students with disabilities who are eligible for reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

UCF Abroad cannot guarantee that facilities, resources, and support services for students with disabilities will be available abroad to the same extent as students may be accustomed to here in the United States.

Students and parents/guardians should understand that some components of a study abroad program, or a program in its entirety, may not lend itself to appropriate and adequate accommodation. The primary focus of the UCF Abroad office is the health, safety, and enjoyment of each participant and we will advise students with accessibility needs accordingly. 

Statement on Global Terror

While acts of terrorism around the globe are nothing new, UCF’s expanding global footprint increases the likelihood of an impact to our community.  Rather than be deterred from our academic pursuits and the good our students, faculty and staff do here and internationally, UCF chooses to charge on with the safety of its community as an utmost priority. 

In the event of an act of terrorism at home or abroad, UCF is confident its strong safety program has given its travelers the tools and knowledge to make good decisions. If an event could impact travelers, the university works closely with the State Department, our travel assistance partners, and peer institutions.  We communicate quickly with those near an incident, and always retain mechanisms to bring anyone home who feels that they are unable to safely achieve their academic objectives abroad.

In the face of fear we stand and move forward united and with safety in mind.  We choose to live, share, grow, and learn with vigilance and foresight.