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Application Process

In order to apply as an exchange student at UCF, you must first be a student at one of our partner universities abroad and be nominated for exchange by the institution. Each partnered university's nomination process is different, so make sure you contact your local International Office for information on the procedure.

Step 1: 

Each nominated student will receive a welcome email. The email will provide the steps for undergraduate or graduate students. Each student is required to complete a UCF application.

Please note: There is an application fee of $31 USD that must be paid for the application to be complete. This fee cannot be waived. We provide a guide to the application process; please follow the instructions, so as not to delay the application process.  

>>Undergraduate Students 
>>Graduate Students

Step 2:

Once the UCF General Admissions Application is completed, students will need to create an account on our study abroad website. Again, this information is provided in the welcome email. In this step, detailed information under the "Getting Started" page is provided. The welcome email will also include a guide on how students should process this application.
>>UCF Abroad Application | Profile

Step 3:

Once the Study Abroad Application TD Guide is completed, students may return to the account at any time to upload documents. The ‘Getting Started’ will provide detailed information on the documents necessary for the issuance of immigration document (DS-2019) and registration of courses.
Please see a list of the documents below:

  • DS-2019 Request Form
  • Certification of Finances and Supporting Documentation
  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • English Language Proficiency 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Immunization Form
  • Registration Worksheet 
  • Copy of Official Transcript


UCF Steps
  1. In this step, we are providing you an update on what takes place with the documents that students have submitted. Once we receive your DS-2019 request form, certificate of finances with supporting documentation, copy of valid passport, and English Language Proficiency, these documents will be submitted to the UCF Global immigration team. This office will process your immigration document (DS-2019) and mail it to your university. Your DS-2019 package that is sent to your university will include information on how to request your J-1 visa and an acceptance letter providing the orientation date.
  2. All students admitted to UCF must have the correct immunization vaccines and this must be documented on the immunization form. International students (the federal government and the State of Florida also require international students to have health insurance). On the "Getting Started" page, we’ve provided information on several companies that students can select from for health insurance. International students will not be able to register for classes at UCF without health insurance and immunization records.
  3. Registration of classes will be processed through the UCF Abroad office. Classes with prerequisites must be approved by the corresponding department before a student can be registered. Classes fill up quickly, therefore, it is always recommended for incoming students to submit their paperwork as soon as possible.
  4. UCF Abroad will provide guidance on housing, however, students may seek off-campus on their own. We simply ask that you inform us of the address. There is extremely limited housing on UCF main campus, however, students within the hospitality field can be housed at the Rosen campus. Students taking courses at UCF Downtown can be housed at the downtown campus. All other students taking courses at the main campus will be directed to off-campus student housing.
  5. UCF Abroad will provide detailed information via email on orientation. Orientation is generally a full day. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Students will be able to complete a campus tour and acquire their UCF ID/student ID card at this time.